St Ephrem Lebanese Festival – Donation Update – September 2018

Dear Parishioners,
With so many of us gone for the summer months, it took us longer than usual to compile our last donation update.

We would like to thank everyone for their tireless efforts of time and labor towards our Festival. This Festival could not have happened without the dedicated hands of so many people.  

Thank you very much for your generous donations to our Lebanese Festival. We have received $28,076.02 in monetary donations as well as numerous non-monetary items!  

Our donor list is shown below (listed alphabetically within each recognition level). We have strived to capture all the donations we are aware of and if we missed anyone, please let us know!

May God bless all of you and once again thank you for your generosity!

Fram Akiki, Festival Fundraising Committee

Diamond Booth Sponsors

Elias and Hiam Aramouni (Monetary and Non-Monetary)
Camille and Eva Bsaibes (Monetary and Non-Monetary)
Lit’l Pepper Gourmet Deli (Non-Monetary)

Platinum Booth Sponsors

Jeanine and Ephram Akiki
Kozhaya Akiki
Kamal and Aimee Boiri
TJ and Gisele Chalhoub
Kameel and Mary Fakhoury (Monetary and Non-Monetary)
Eli and Lori Feghali
Olga and Jamil Feghali; Rita Feghali and Fadi Khoury
Fumari, Inc (Non-Monetary)
George Istambouli (Non-Monetary)
George and Mima Habchi (Non-Monetary)
Assad and Sana Kabban
Leslie and Stephanie Kourie
Nestle and American Ice (Through Roy Sawaya’s 7-Eleven – San Carlos Drive) (Non-Monetary)
Jeffrey Rasak
Hisham Srour of American Tri-Star Insurance Services
San Diego Cash and Carry (Non-Monetary)

Gold Booth Sponsors

Fred and Micha Abiaad
Nada Adjadj of SoBelle Chocolate Favors (Non-Monetary)
George and Manuella Ayoub (Monetary and Non-Monetary)
Souhail and Suzanne Azzam (Monetary and Non-Monetary)
Cedarlane Natural Foods (Non-Monetary)
Daou Wines (Non-Monetary)
George Elkassis
Batta Fulkerson
Antoine Hanna
George and Mima Habchi (Non-Monetary)
Ramzey and Olga Jize (Monetary and Non-Monetary)
Daniel and Samia Kabban
Tony and Ghalia Karam of The Art Place (Non-Monetary)
Wasfi and Leyla Mansour (Monetary and Non-Monetary)
Mollison Pharmacy
The Moukarzel Family
Rock Ice Cream/Neighborhood Market Association (NMA) (Non-Monetary)
The Zablit Family


Tom Greco
Layla Khuri and Karim Chalhoub
Anton and Ruthy Muawad


Joumana El-Abdallah of Cedar Grill and Café (Non-Monetary)
Suzie Abi Khalil (Non-Monetary)
Claude Azar (Non-Monetary)
The Camponova Family (Non-Monetary)
Continental Food Service
Walid Dalal and Family
Aline Diab (Non-Monetary)
The Farah Restaurant Group (Non-Monetary)
Green Leaf Catering & Events – Elias & Suhair Koussa
Rima Handal (Non-Monetary)
Marie Huff (Non-Monetary)
Marie Mansour
James & Mary Rowland
Therese Sleiman (Non-Monetary)
Tony and Rima Thomas